When Poetry Rumbles From Deep Within

You live in a rhythm so divine

Robin Klammer
2 min readJan 20, 2023


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Poetry sings from my soul
From my head down to my toes

It helps me makes sense

of life’s woes.

I don’t always know from where the words come;

but when I pour my

heart out,

I feel less glum

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It’s rather like a gauge,

A poetic measure

A peek within my soul.

When the darkest nights

take their toll,

I burrow under covers like a mole.

As the coal night draws to a close

I coax my foes in my mind to be more kind.

As my mood lightens and brightens,

words begin to prance across my mind once more,

I play word games with glee

Rhymes tease me as surely as the breeze tickles the trees.

So humbled and grateful

am I,

I thank the Powers that be
who chose to bestow this gift upon me.

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Where or when did poetry make its presence in your life? Was it intense or subtle?

I’d love to know what your thoughts are? Which poet resonates with you the most?

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