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PROUD CDN. Humorist, ❤️POM POET ❤️ Royally FBTA. Owner/Editor of Ain't Yo' Mama's Tea Party. Undercover witch appearing as Human. I cast spells!


If a herd of zombies came upon her crew?

Photo by Austin Neill on Unsplash

“Cappy Sue Cappy Sue! Whatever shall we do?” Sarah Paris cried with trembling fear.

“ Come here my dear, what could it be? Now you’ve worried me!”

“There’s a herd of zombies coming near!”

excerpt from Youtube. TWD

"Ryan Fan and a few of his fighting crew are at the gate, but surely we’ll need more men than just eight!”

The Captain’s parrot had trained for this very task. Mr. Freud, rose high above and screeched his warning squall.

“Be prepared to make a great cull!”, bellowed the bright Macaw.


The Fate of So Many Is At Stake.

Photo by Charles Deluvio on Unsplash

Humpty Trumpty sat on the wall,
The country indeed,
Did take a great fall.

The last four years has been a waking nightmare of sorts.
Trump sat all day on Twitter,
And a storm he did tweet.
Oh my! What such a great leader is he.

The day when Biden is sworn in,
What a glory it will be!

But instead of being a good sport,
Trump will be sulking on the golf course,
Not showing a morsel of honor.

So many will sing and rejoice,
As Biden and Harris set the trail ablaze. …


A plea for a much better year

Photo by Kyle Thacker on Unsplash

Here’s to a helluva year
It’s brought many to their breaking point,
Or quite near.

Not outta the woods by a long shot,
But it’s been quite the battle,
we have fought!

Here’s to words of hope,
to help you cope.

Here’s to some smiles,
For the ever lovin’ miles,

It’s safe to say,
Our patience has been tested,
But our humor cannot be bested!

Without further ado,
Here are my entries,
and I gotta say,
this last year has felt like a century!

My latest humor stories

I’m just waiting for the link from our Cappy, Susan Brearley. I’ve been a’ scrollin’ and…


My butt will go on

Photo by Jakob Owens on Unsplash

Before I start, I will go on record, and say for the sake of my dignity and credibility, I do aim to be mature out in the world at large; whether cyber or “real life”. However, given my, often inappropriate, sense of humor simmering just below boiling, sometimes it’s just fun to be silly and immature.

Besides, what ever am I to do when tempted with a butt prompt?

Without further ado, I bid you adieu!

video found on YouTube

Every night in my bath,
I see you, I hear you
That is how I know you go on



Why the blame game of shame needs to change

Photo by Andrew Neel on Unsplash

Since I started listening to Ted-Talks with Brene Brown and interviews about shame and vulnerability in The Garden of Neuro, I find it quite sad, that we humans, tend to be a walking talking mess! It’s nothing new, really, or earth shattering either, but the fact that shame is normal, is not normal at all. It keeps us in hiding where we feel paralyzed and just plain stuck in our own unique brand of misery and self-loathing.

Many of us don’t realize the depth of shame we live in, until we come face to face with current/past issues we thought…


As many people as it takes

Photo by Alice Alinari on Unsplash

Dear Fellow Heathens,

It is I, the queen of all that is great!

I’d like to bestow my infinite gratitude to those who helped me scrape my way to the near top of the Mt. Everest of accomplishments. Have I told you lately that I love you?

No? Gasp! How self-centered of me! I was likely basking in the glory of my supreme gifts of which are a sight to behold!

But honestly, how far down must I descend from my throne to thank the little people? Sure, I appreciate your support. …


With a spot of white upon her chest.

Photo by Robert Larsson on Unsplash

It’s been six months since my furry girl passed away, and her absence is still felt within the deepest recesses of my heart. It’s hard to even make sense of it at times, like she was part of a dream, and I’ve awaken.

While we treasure our furry family members, I think we often take their presence for granted, until they’re gravely ill, or pass on. I still have her treats, and her toys and other belongings, which I’ve yet to part with, and for the life of me, I don’t even want to. When I see her stuff stashed…


Oh so presumptuous

Photo by Derick McKinney on Unsplash

Dear Friendly Neighbors,

It’s been such a pleasure to see what great traits of courtesy you display as you partake in outdoor activities. It’s wonderful to see you having fun from my window as I gaze out in wonder at your truck, camper, and other such equipment.

I’m glad you saw fit to help yourselves to the green space, well, white, right now. I didn’t really want to see the trees and nature after all. I mean, that is why we bought this house, but hey, help yourselves! Oh wait, you already did. You’re NOT welcome.


Like A Mommy Scorned!

image on pexels

Please understand me when I say the following without malice; there are times when I just can’t stand my kid. The way he acts, the way he behaves — at home, of course. I suppose I should be thankful I don’t get calls from the school about misbehavior. Pre-Covid, of course.

With the virus sweeping across the country, and the world as we know it, the kids are in our face.



How I love thee!

Photo by Tengyart on Unsplash

Dear Eggs,

Where would we be without you? You’re rich in protein and help build muscles. Whether boiled, poached or fried. To the egg; we must abide!

You’re so versatile, and oh so yummy. We use you in many foods, perhaps not always your yolks for those with high cholesterol, but nice whipped whites for lemon meringue pies.

My absolute favorite utensil is the almighty egg slicer! What an ingenious idea, especially for people like myself, who couldn’t cut a straight line to save their lives.

You’re perfect for deviled eggs, my fave! They look so quaint, lined up just…

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