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PROUD CDN. Humorist, ❤️POM POET ❤️ Royally FBTA. Owner/Editor of Ain't Yo' Mama's Tea Party. Undercover witch appearing as Human. I cast spells!

And Not A Moment Too Late!

The day we met,
Stands tall in my mind
Tall like the Brooklyn Bridge
Joining us together as one

The day you found me,
Like a bird with broken wings
You built me a nest and mended me.
From the storms, you sheltered thee
Don’t ever leave me be…

I found another piece
To my puzzle of life
An answer to a confusing riddle
An anchor to a lost ship at sea

Day by day,
My wings grew stronger,
Until I flew away
That fateful day…

I found another piece
To my puzzle of…


If a herd of zombies came upon her crew?

“Cappy Sue Cappy Sue! Whatever shall we do?” Sarah Paris cried with trembling fear.

“ Come here my dear, what could it be? Now you’ve worried me!”

“There’s a herd of zombies coming near!”

"Ryan Fan and a few of his fighting crew are at the gate, but surely we’ll need more men than just eight!”

The Captain’s parrot had trained for this very task. Mr. Freud, rose high above and screeched his warning squall.

“Be prepared to make a great cull!”, bellowed the bright Macaw.


The Fate of So Many Is At Stake.

Humpty Trumpty sat on the wall,
The country indeed,
Did take a great fall.

The last four years has been a waking nightmare of sorts.
Trump sat all day on Twitter,
And a storm he did tweet.
Oh my! What such a great leader is he.

The day when Biden is sworn in,
What a glory it will be!

But instead of being a good sport,
Trump will be sulking on the golf course,
Not showing a morsel of honor.

So many will sing and rejoice,
As Biden and Harris set the trail ablaze. …


A plea for a much better year

Here’s to a helluva year
It’s brought many to their breaking point,
Or quite near.

Not outta the woods by a long shot,
But it’s been quite the battle,
we have fought!

Here’s to words of hope,
to help you cope.

Here’s to some smiles,
For the ever lovin’ miles,

It’s safe to say,
Our patience has been tested,
But our humor cannot be bested!

Without further ado,
Here are my entries,
and I gotta say,
this last year has felt like a century!

My latest humor stories

I’m just waiting for the link from our Cappy, Susan Brearley. I’ve been a’ scrollin’ and…


Is there really such a thing?

I beg of you to clarify and verify
what it means to be truly satisfied?

Don’t know if I’m in a nightmare,
or if I’m merely dreamin’…
But I sure as hell
feel like screamin’!

Some days I wish
the mother-ship would beam
me up so high
in the sky.

But it seems I am bound here to Earth,
The binds of society leave me flailing.

Never have I been a Suzy Home-Maker,
Just feels like I’m a faker.
Women are supposed to give, give, give.
Meanwhile, their hearts feel like they’re about to break. …


On your Sanctimonious
High Horse!

Who would have thought two balls of baby yarn to make a gift, would cause such ire? I suppose I should’ve known better though. After all, this subject has been discussed quite fervently. Well, perhaps discussion isn’t the right word. At least not from my point of view. More like a long-winded monologue, as if to say I’m incapable of understanding his point of view. Perhaps he thinks if I don’t agree with his point of view, the “discussion” merits further inspection? I disagree.

Does the word patriarchy ring any bells? Ding Dong ! Welcome to the 21st century!


And it’s way cheaper than therapy!

As a young girl, books created a portal into another world. I was transfixed by the words, and soon the page beckoned to me like a fog horn. I can only describe it as an incarnate desire to spill my hopes and fears onto the blank page before me. After much trial and error, I’ve found my voice. It is my desire that my words will create a sense of hope and happiness to those who read my words, and feel changed, even if only a little bit afterwards.

Writing has long since been a way to let out what’s…


Would you shut your damn pie hole already?!

Dear Man With No Name,

I would be ever so grateful, joyful even , if you would shut up!

Do you even notice when I start tuning you out? Of course not! But this doesn’t happen very often, since you speak at such a volume, it’s nigh impossible to ignore you. But I try anyway, without much success, I might add.

I often wonder; why in the world do you think what you say is so vitally important, that you consistently interrupt me before I utter a whole sentence?


So I gave it a laxative, and now he’s running smooth and regular

You may have heard me bemoaning the fact my coffee maker has been a bit of a$$hole as of late, if not I can always regale you with my tales of woe, as I pace by the kitchen or trying in vain to occupy myself while waiting for? You guessed It. COFFEE!

I have a shirt which says, “I don’t start working until my coffee does.”

This sums me up. Of course, don’t take the word “working” too literally. At least in physical terms. When I get going, I keep going until I peter out. …


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